About us

Nicolet CZ was founded in 1999 as the exclusive dealer of Thermo Scientific infrared and Raman spectrometers in the Czech Republic. Currently Nicolet CZ is the exclusive dealer of Thermo Scientific, B&Wtek, S&I Spectroscopy and Imaging, Designs & Prototypes D&P Instruments and Neaspec in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Among other services Nicolet CZ offers technical support for Thermo Scientific, Mattson, B&WTek and S&I spectrometers, their certification and calibration, custom development of analytical methods, libraries of infrared and Raman spectra and the development of other specialized software. Nicolet CZ also organizes individual and group training of molecular spectroscopy and more than ten courses infrared and Raman spectroscopy per year, some of which are organized in cooperation with JM Marci Spectroscopic Society.